Artículo de la revista número 21, Volumen 8: publicado el: 01 de Octubre de 2019


Radical images committed in the immediate situations of the production of the technical school council

Florentino Silva Becerra, María Guadalupe Moreno Bayardo Centro Universitario de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades de la Universidad de Guadalajara. Campus Belenes. Jalisco, México

DOI: 10.31644/IMASD.21.2019.a07

Recepción: 2019-02-20 Aceptación: 2019-06-24 Publicación: 2019-10-01


This work presents from the relationship of the social thing that the professors and directors construct in the Technical School Council; the construction of meanings that through interaction they share; so he asks himself; What are the symbols that occur in the interactions that give meaning to the collegiate of teachers and managers? What are the images that are described in the collegiate performance and the meaning they represent in the behavior of the group? The objective; interpret the production of meaning that is generated in the images of collegiate interaction that describe the meaning of the actions of teachers and managers in the School Technical Council. The defined focus of the study of the life of human groups and their behavior based on the theoretical perspective of social interaction, from the conception of meaning that arises as a consequence of the collegiality that each one maintains with the other, and that these modify through the interpretation of social production in situ, this process guides the social research methodology under the explanatory approach of the grounded theory, the theoretical sampling as a tool for the collection of successive data, starting with open codes on the data collected to determine new phenomena for its analysis, the results are foundations for successive research processes. As result we have that the meanings in the collegial interaction of professors and managers is based on the dynamic interconnection where the symbols that emerge from the interactive acts, are an expressive endowment in a framework of what the creation of own norms of the context supposes. "Performances", the actors through the symbols that emerge from the interactive acts are producing an expressive endowment of these cultural scenes.

Keywords: School Technical Council, reciprocal influences, radical images, shared meanings and meaning.